Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown - Artist

Literature of the Non-Word

I relate to reality as much through my passionate connection to literature as through painting. This cycle of work represents a shift away from a single image enterprise. These are diptychs to evoke an open book or the two hemispheres of the brain. The image could stand in for a word, strung on a line, arranged like sentences on a page. Past, present and future condense to reflect the challenges of the digital overload on our collective mind. My intention is to slow things down. I'm interested in using multiple images that culminate in lyrical verse rather than prose narrative. Wallace Stevens, writing about Marianne Moore, expressed that she 'found illusion only tolerable in order to establish a particular reality or better a reality of her own particulars.' I work intuitively by way of an additive process, with little editing, toward the totality of the painting's surface and over-all design and color.